Saadis Real Estate Marketing And Builders( are going to start a project in Mivida Overseas Community known as "Saadi Villas" in which they are going to construct 300 houses.
• These 300 houses are going to be of the following size

3.5 Marla
5 Marla.
7.5 Marla.

• The best quality of Saadi Villas is their location.
• Saadi Villas is located in the best of best society Mivida Pakistan's overseas sector.
• Saadi Villas are located in Mivida overseas sector and only a few meter away from main gate.
• Saadi Villas are only 25 foot steps away from local transport Rawalpindi/Saddar.
• Saadi Villas are only 15 minutes away from Islamabad International airport and only few minutes away from Lahore-Islamabad motorway.

Budget friendly, Luxurious and Profiteering investment plans within your grasp.Saadis Builders brings diverse investment opportunities to attain your own furnished Villa.

For those worried about rental houses, 12 km from Islamabad Airport (Moida City) in Islamabad (5 minutes from Chakri Interchange called Saadi Villas) is a wonderful complex of 300 houses in which you will find 3.5 / 5 / 7.5 Marla Double Storey Furnished House Yes Possession in 3 years and payment in easy installments of 5 years